Assess category segment performance

SOLYS category management reports give you an in-depth view of a single category, grouping or category of products. You can assess performance for each segment within a category — and track that performance over a variety of specific, or extended, time frames — all from one screen. Assess incremental promotional effect on the category, other segments within that category and non-promoted items. Reallocate marketing mix spending based upon category management insights. Examine product line profit and loss objectives relative to the category. Quickly view trends in consumer preferences, then dig deeper to identify opportunities to better align your category management strategies with those of your retailer:

  • Grow incremental sales
  • Improve category market share
  • Build SKU rankings
  • Optimize shelf space
  • Test and refine new planograms
  • Monitor promotional and new item launch events

Category Scorecard

Assess category performance for each week. Quickly review sales trends, growth drivers, share of category, instocks and out of stocks. Track best performing items and pinpoint underperforming items.


KPI Report

Get an immediate, high-level view of the most important metrics in your business. Determine if you’re on target to reach your retail team objectives so you can act on problems or opportunities long before the end of the month.

Weekly POS Recap

A one-stop shop to track your sales and inventory performance. View key information on each area of your business, including sales, inventory, instock ETAs as well as a geographical overview.


Covid Analysis

SOLYS reporting makes it easy to see how your current sales performance compares to 2020 and 2021 pandemic sales, and to your pre-pandemic sales. View total sales by state, by channel, or examine individual item detail.

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