Maximize opportunities and minimize losses

SOLYS analytics pull together POS, bottom-up forecast, sales orders and retailer forecast data and convert it into sales-oriented dashboards and reports that can be used throughout your enterprise to optimize price points, anticipate SKU reductions, develop new item sell-in strategies and identify growth drivers. With SOLYS, each day, week and month presents you with a new opportunity maximize consumer purchases and profit margins for your retailer and CPG organization.

  • Start with a high level view of sales performance, and dig down to item-level detail.
  • Compare sales performance year over year.
  • Monitor in-store and online sales.
  • Analyze your ROI for every promotional event.
  • Demonstrate the incremental effect of new SKUs and promotions on your segments and brands.
  • Determine optimal price points.
  • Understand which SKUs are underperforming and which are your top sellers.

Weekly POS Recap

A one-stop shop for tracking sales and inventory performance. View key information on sales, inventory, instock ETAs as well as a geographical overview.

Online Sales Summary

The SOLYS Online Sales Summary tells a complete story of your online sales so you can thoroughly assess the overall status of your online business.

Weekly Promo Recap

Assess performance for all of your promotions, item by item, week by week. Automate your report and get in-depth insights direct to your inbox every Monday morning.

Business Highlights Overview

Automate a readable recap of KPIs from the most recent week of sales, and year to date. Share  your insights with your team, your buyer or your clients.

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