Reduce out-of-stocks

Featuring the richest POS analytics, SOLYS provides all the tools you need to reduce out-of-stocks through sustained forecast accuracy, weekly inventory monitoring, root cause analysis and both in-store and online inventory levels. If you’re experiencing consistent retailer out-of-stocks, begin your investigation at the forecasting level to ensure accurate retailer orders. Avoid missed opportunities and maximize overall sales.

  • View current sales and inventory, along with forecast and order data
  • Monitor promo sales, inventory and in-stock ETAs
  • Analyze inventory levels by store
  • Gauge forecst accuracy and variance to actuals
  • Compare your forecast against retailer forecast
  • Generate forecasts using SOLYS forecast model
  • Plan PO future quantity recommendations
  • View actual and projected EOH, OW and WOS

FLO Report

Get an overarching perspective of critical supply chain data points—historical, present and future—to reduce out of stocks and maximize your sales.


Weekly Promo Recap

Assess performance for all of your promotions, item by item, week by week. Automate your report and get in-depth insights direct to your inbox every Monday morning.

Weekly POS Recap

A one-stop shop to track your sales and inventory performance. View key information on sales, inventory, instock ETAs as well as a geographical overview.


Weekly KPI Report

A high-level view of your most important business metrics for the last week. Determine if you’re on target to reach your objectives and take action in time to make a difference.

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