SOLYS Platform

Game changing insights

The SOLYS data analytics platform delivers game-changing insights that enable the entire organization—both field and corporate levels—to increase sales, optimize inventory performance and grow category share. SOLYS's comprehensive and adaptable data acquisition collects, cleanses and integrates demand data from any source, integrates multiple data points, speaks the language of any retailer and completely aligns with each retailer's metrics and requirements. The full platform includes POS, purchase order and commission analytics—with fully automated reporting.

POS analytics

SOLYS's data analytics are designed for any supplier and adaptable to any retailer, offer a 360 degree view of the business, provide a consolidated source of chain and store level data, and act as a single streamlined reporting platform for all functions within your team.

Purchase order analytics

SOLYS PO Analytics acquires multiple sources of purchase order data from retailer systems, uses real time EDI processing, and incorporates a wide variety of powerful and intuitive analytics to manage your business. Changes that occur with all or individual POs can be managed quickly and effectively to increase staff efficiency in review and correcting orders, and pinpoint POs that adversely impact retailer DC allocation. SOLYS PO Analytics helps you manage diverse ordering process from a single platform.


Commission analytics

SOLYS Commission Analytics designed specifically for rep groups is a revolutionary approach to managing the lifeblood of your organization—maximizing commission revenues and expected margins on supplier accounts. With the dynamic and fast-­moving decisions that are involved in controlling and measuring profitability, SOLYS positions you to effectively manage complex and time-consuming commission plans. Measure sales team performance, sales executive contribution, and vendor business performance.

Automated reporting

SOLYS's automated reporting enables you to quickly share information, address issues, and apply insights in real time to make a real difference. You can create and save a single report or build multiple reports simultaneously, and in seconds, they’re ready to save, review and share. SOLYS automation ensures consistent reporting throughout the organization, for a consolidated view of your sales, category and supply chain performance to help measure your key performance indicators (KPIs).

SOLYS Platform


Create and save a single report or build multiple reports. Start with a pre-built report template or create your own. Select time periods, metrics, groupings, attributes, themes and settings.



Set up your saved reports to run automatically at any time, in any frequency. Run each report  individually or schedule a collection of reports into a single workbook script.



Schedule recurring reports that you want to share with your internal team or external audience. Create custom lists for email distribution, or email a report on the fly.

"SOLYS saves me so much time and allows me to drill down to specifics easily to see what’s going on with the business. The POS Recap script is the very first thing I look at now on Monday mornings. Our buyer shared that he loves the new format and there’s so many fun things to dig into!“

—Senior Category Analyst 

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