SOLYS has earned its shining reputation

Lumidata's SOLYS POS analytics is recognized as the brightest and most powerful suite of best-practices analytics in the consumer goods industry to manage the key business functions of CG retail teams and rep groups. SOLYS transforms data into knowledge, so you can clearly see and leverage opportunities in time to make a difference. In fact, when it comes to the speed and ease of discovering and acting upon business insights, it's positively brilliant.

This web-based POS analytics platform delivers breakthrough reporting features that can significantly impact your ability to meet today's unique consumer demand challenges. With unparalleled speed, power, and business control, SOLYS gives you everything you need for brilliant performance in the dynamic world of retail.


SOLYS enables lightning fast access and insights. Build reports simultaneously and in seconds, they're ready to save, review and share with your internal and external audiences. Save recurring reports, share reports within your team, and collaborate instantly with direct email report sharing. When your retailer releases new metrics and data points, you'll be first to leverage them in your reporting – way ahead of your competitors.


Bring more insights and greater value to your retailers than your competitors can with the heavyweight reporting power of the SOLYS platform. SOLYS’s automated reporting feature provides the in-depth reporting and analytics for manufacturers of any size, regardless of SKU count or total sales dollars. Create one standardized reporting package, replicate it across all your brands or vendor accounts, add your company branding, and make your outstanding reports stand out to your buyers as well.


Harness the speed and power of SOLYS to reclaim time on Monday morning and use it where it counts – gaining control of your business and ground over your competitors. You can easily create, save and schedule weekly reports with complete control over report content, formatting and distribution. This way the look, content and quality is consistent across your enterprise. You can decide when and how often reports are generated, who should receive those reports, and when they are distributed. SOLYS helps facilitate your analysis with pre-built report groupings, best practices tools, and unlimited ad hoc capabilities.

Two platforms offer two perspectives

Lumidata offers two SOLYS platforms – one for CPG retail teams and the other for rep groups. Each platform provides the analytics platform that reflects your specific universe and aligns with your business perspective. SOLYS CPG offers a comprehensive reporting suite that meets the cross-functional objectives of each retail team member. SOLYS REP provides unique reporting solutions for rep groups who are managing sales and profitability for multiple CPG manufacturers. No matter your perspective, your performance will be brilliant.