Virtual Remote Delivery

When you use SOLYS, you get more than raw data. You get quick, actionable insights into retailer POS data. Dashboard analytics that deliver the exact business and demand intelligence they need whenever you need it.  And with SOLYS VRD — virtual remote delivery – you get all the functionality of SOLYS on demand from wherever you have an Internet connection. Uncover insights and opportunities at home or at work, in the airport or the coffee shop — even from your retailer’s headquarters. 

Similar to “cloud computing” or software as a service (SaaS), SOLYS VRD offers you the convenience of 24/7 availability, faster reporting, improved data access, seamless delivery of product support, high scalability and less demand on your internal resources.

 Why should you choose SOLYS VRD?

  • 24/7 access — Access SOLYS VRD anywhere you have Internet connectivity to run reports and analyses according to your schedule and to prepare information you need for critical meetings — in time to make a real difference.
  • Increased accuracy — SOLYS VRD provides real time data sharing and reporting and every user on your team accesses a single, master database — so there’s little room for data error. Track and share item logs, reporting comments and customer attributing with everyone on your team. Send reports to your local drives and printers to easily reproduce what you see on your screen for retailer and team presentations.
  • Faster reporting — Minimal number crunching is required on the SOLYS user’s desktop. While you use the SOLYS interface, all of the processing is completed remotely on the server for faster reporting and less drain on your computer’s resources.
  • Faster data upload — With SOLYS, POS data uploads and weekly updates can be fully automated with our SOLYS Managed Services option.
  • Extended reporting and analysis — SOLYS VRD allows you to uncover the next level of insights with the ability to quickly analyze store-level data.  Review store exceptions, focus on high-priority stores, or compare stores that share common characteristics or customer demographics.
  • Optimized customer support — Because the powerful SOLYS application is hosted on LumiData servers, our support staff can access, support and maintain your SOLYS production environment without interrupting your workflow. Automatic software upgrades, patch installation and lifecycle maintenance provide a seamless user experience.
  • High scalability — The scalable environment of SOLYS VRD easily supports increases in supply, orders, number of users and POS database size and complexity.
  • Disaster recovery — Automatic data backup ensures that your SOLYS database can always be restored despite user errors or failure with your systems. If there’s any problem with your database, we’ll take care of it.
  • Savings — IT departments only need to ensure Internet connectivity — there are no additional IT staffing requirements or associated costs for maintaining the server environment.  And once SOLYS is installed using VRD, there’s no need to install costly Microsoft Office desktop products.