Analyze Your Promotions from All Angles

The story of a promotion is not simply the story of the promoted SKU. After all, a consumer doesn’t shop in isolation — she’s surrounded by non-promoted SKUs that can be equally influential on her purchase decision. To assess the impact of a promotion you have to do the same — you have to consider promotional effectiveness for the promoted item, the non-promoted items, the event and the category.

Optimize promotional pricing, minimize lost sales and out-of-stocks, and make the most of every promotional event with SOLYS. SOLYS’ analytics integrate internal data warehouses with cross-channel POS data for a complete picture of past, present and future promotional events.

SOLYS enables you to:

  • Assess incremental promotional effect on a group of promoted items, the category, other segments within that category and non-promoted items.
  • Analyze and compare individual promotions to determine which advertising methods work best for which SKUs and which locations within the store or category optimize promotional effectiveness.
  • Optimize the timing of promotional events.
  • Identify the historical benefits of the lift of promoted items at varying price points across time.
  • Avoid out-of-stock and excess inventory by more accurately forecasting the projected lift of a future promotion.
  • Strategically assess how price affects item promotions.
  • Improve forecast accuracy — and identify inaccurate future forecasts — by reviewing previous POS promotional histories and comparing your forecast to that of your retailer.
  • Assess the role of paycheck cycle trends and bulk-item offerings on promotions.
  • Provide your retailer with strategic cross-category promotional ideas.
  • View item sales and inventory history to determine whether out-of-stocks are historical or specific to certain promotional time frames.
  • Proactively adjust production and shipping schedules.