New Products

Convince Your Retailer with Demand-Data Facts

Launching a new product can be an expensive and risky venture for both your CPG organization and your retailers. You need to understand — and convince your retailers you understand — which SKUs are underperforming and which new products you can offer to fill those gaps. Then you need to go a step further and demonstrate the incremental effect of that new SKU on the segment and brand. To look forward, you need to look back — at the historical POS data, sales orders, retailer and bottom-up forecasts SOLYS provides both c-level and retail teams.

SOLYS enables you to:

  • Track sales productivity per foot and sales per facing over time to determine which SKUs can be reduced or eliminated to make way for new SKUs, and how much shelf space should be allotted to the new SKU.
  • Review segment data for insights into consumer preferences and emerging trends.
  • Identify which retailer-defined store persona characteristics are relevant to your brand and segment and determine what new SKU offerings you can provide based on these characteristics.
  • Strategically assess how price affects new item launches and sell-in strategies.
  • Build a convincing case for testing a new planogram that promotes your new SKU. Then utilize SOLYS analytics to tweak and implement the new planogram.
  • Determine how the new item contributes to top line group sales.
  • Examine how the new SKU sales compare to sales of other items within that group.
  • Assess incremental effect of the new SKU on the category, other segments within that category and non-promoted items.