Managed Services for CG Companies

LumiData’s Managed Services Suite for Consumer Goods companies offers Data Extraction, Scripted Analytics Reporting, Bespoke Reporting, and Hosted Application Services. Our Managed Services Suite provides you with all the analytics service delivery you need without spending the time to extract, transfer and load your own data or run your own reports.  

Fast, reliable and secure access to the information you need allows you and your teams to make decisions quicker, so you can take action when it matters most—every Monday morning. LumiData Managed Services provide cost-effective, powerful and flexible alternatives that reduce expenses, improve productivity and create leverage up and across your entire demand side organization.


  • Obtain turnkey POS analytics
  • Elminate missed sales opportunities 
  • Perform immediate ROI-focused sales analytics
  • Become a strategic partner with your retailer


  • Reduce adminstrative tasks
  • Eliminate clerical errors and redundancy
  • Expedite criticial reports

improve management reporting time

  • Automate data capture, updates and standard weekly reporting
  • Reconcile orders, inventory and POS data

LumiData Managed Services reduce and eliminate problems, giving you more time to apply the use of advanced analytics to enhance competitive strategy and drive business performance. Because Mondays always come too quickly.