JMC Retail Considers SOLYS REP a Game Changer

The  President and CEO of The JMC Retail Group, a business innovator and recognized leader in the Target rep group-supplier community, considers LumiData’s SOLYS™ Rep Group Enterprise Platform (SOLYS™ REP) a vital technology in the company’s future growth and profitability:

 “Our business is very fast-paced,” says Camille Thomas, JMC President and CEO, “We need to make sound decisions quickly and effectively, so the technology we use needs to be accurate, easily understood and actionable.

 “Technology has always been the backbone of the JMC business and we continually look to improve it. In 2015 we chose LumiData’s SOLYS platform as the latest advance in our technology portfolio. The visions of JMC and LumiData are closely aligned and our work together has been and continues to be, very collaborative. The LumiData team engaged and listened, filled our gaps and worked to help us meet every one of our challenges.

 “SOLYS is an excellent fit for the JMC platform. It delivers on every aspect of our analytics needs — from point of sale, to purchase order and commission analytics — and is the most scalable solution for our future needs. The amazing depth of information really resonates with us. We can drill down and dig much deeper by product and by retailer. The tools are user-friendly; we can create ad hoc reports quickly with great insights and accuracy. Not only do we analyze the reports internally, we are also able to share the insights with each of our clients and our retailers — a real game-changer for our future sales growth. Partnership and collaboration is the essence of JMC’s brand.

 “We’re just getting started using SOLYS and beginning to see the impact of sharing information on a deeper and analytical basis. The SOLYS system has influenced decision-making in sales, inventory management, segment analytics, trend analysis — I could go on forever. Our goal is to maximize every feature SOLYS makes available to strengthen our client and retailer relationships.”