See, Share and Act Upon Demand Intelligence Across the CPG Enterprise

It’s one thing to have copious amounts of supply, order and demand data on hand. It’s another to have customized analytics, dashboards and reports that help you visually connect the dots between internal processes and shifting consumer purchasing patterns. After all, to anticipate change you need to be able to visualize change.

SOLYS provides that insight. Distilling internal data warehouses and POS cross-channel data from each of your retailers into customizable dashboards and demand intelligence reports specific to each person’s role within the CPG enterprise.

SOLYS helps you see — empowering you to control what data you see and when you see it with analytics and dashboards that put the demand intelligence you need right in front of you.

SOLYS helps you share — enabling you to create and share reports that make it easy for other members of your organization to understand the potential challenges and opportunities you’ve identified.

SOLYS helps you act as a team — providing each person with the exact information they need to make collaborative, timely, strategic decisions that meet the needs of retailers and consumers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.