Manage your business and trade cycle

SOLYS PO Analytics acquires multiple sources of purchase order data from retailer systems, uses real time EDI processing and incorporates a wide variety of powerful and intuitive analytics to manage your business and trade cycle between supplier and retailer.

Take some time to look at these samples of some of SOLYS’s most popular PO Analytics reports.

PO Summary Reports

  • PO Summary by Item: provides PO header information at the top of the report and summarizes the purchase order by item. It contains both original and revised values for Price, Order Units and Order Dollars.
  • PO Summary by Item with DCs: provides the same data as the By Item report but also includes the Revised Units Ordered by each DC as columns.

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PO Listing Reports

The listing reports provide summary information across multiple purchase orders based on your filters – by item, by item/PO, by item/PO/DC, by PO, or by PO/DC.

  • Filter purchase orders based on single or multiple vendor IDs.
  • Select which date range field (i.e. ship begin or OTB date) will be used for the start and end range of the data allowing you more flexibility in isolating orders based on your needs. Additionally, the date fields are based on date instead of week date, which provides more granularity for PO reporting.

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PO Tracker

The tracker is an interactive dashboard that provides in depth information on your individual purchase orders via two different views.

  • The PO View provides you with a platform for quickly checking on individual purchase orders. The view initial displays purchase orders at a total PO summary level which informs you of the important dates, unit and dollar values for the order.
  • You can then drill into an individual order’s Distribution Center allocation by expanding the PO’s row. On both the PO and PO/DC rows you can press the Details button, located on the right most column, to pull up a summary report for the individual PO or PO/DC.
  • The Item View offers an alternative that focuses on displaying an Item’s purchase order history. This view is very useful for quickly understanding the order pipeline for an item and checking to make sure an order was successfully submitted.

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PO Editor

The PO Editor features manual creation and editing of purchase orders.

  • If you already know which order you’d like to edit or if you’re creating a new one you can access it via the menu bar under the PO category.
  • Alternatively, you can access the editor directly from the PO Change Management tool via the Edit button that is available on any PO/DC row.

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PO Change Management

  • The change management tool is an interactive management system that allows you accept, reject and un-apply EDI 860 PO Change Orders.
  • The Change Summary view shows quantity changes at a total level across the entire Purchase Order, making it easier to understand the impact of a change order across the entirety of the order.

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PO Reallocation Tool

Streamline order quantity revisions across an entire PO for a single item.

  • Quickly perform order cuts and increases with automatic calculations of order quantities based on your case-pack requirements.
  • Orders can be increased by a set value or by a percentage across all Distribution Centers.
  • Once the system has calculated the individual values it allows you to preview them before you save.
  • If you want to modify the calculated results further, you can then manually edit the quantities to achieve the exact allocations you need, useful when you need to reduce the order to a set amount due to stock shortage but are unsure how each order will need to be configured for each DC given the case-pack requirements.

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