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SOLYS is a total solution for managing demand data across the entire rep group enterprise. It leverages best-in-class analytics to drive increased revenues and profit margins. It offers a single platform that speaks a common language between all your retail team users, ensuring seamless data translation of all your retail partners' POS data.

SOLYS's automated reporting enables you to quickly share information, address issues, and apply insights in real time to make a real difference. You can create and save a single report or build multiple reports simultaneously, and in seconds, they’re ready to save, review and share. SOLYS automation ensures consistent reporting throughout the organization, for a consolidated view of your sales, category and supply chain performance to help measure key performance indicators (KPIs) for all of your vendors.

Lumidata has helped our rep group clients establish and nurture long-term relationships with key retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Kohl's, Best Buy and Meijer, by using SOLYS to strengthen and grow their partnerships.


SOLYS empowers you to control what data you see and when you see it with analytics and dashboards that put the demand intelligence you need right in front of you.


SOLYS helps you act as a team, providing everyone with the exact information they need to make collaborative, timely, strategic decisions that meet the needs of your vendors and your retailers.


SOLYS's automated reporting enables you to create and share reports that make it easy for both your vendors and your team to understand the potential challenges and opportunities you've identified.

Keep pace

You will find almost any metric you want in SOLYS because we are continuously adding new retailer metrics and proprietary metrics that you will need to keep up with emerging retail trends. This enables users to share information with their retail partners that the retailers may not have themselves.

Leverage this robust collection of metrics in SOLYS pre-built reports that have been created based on the best practices of our customers. Reports are designed in a format that can be customized to the needs of any manufacturer. Or, if you don’t find a pre-built report that fits your needs, you can create an original report from the ground up, giving you total control of any report content.

Customize on demand

If you want to customize a report to your own needs, it's easy to do yourself. Other software providers offer customized reporting as a fee-based service . With SOLYS, you can customize your own reports, even canned reports from the SOLYS best-practices library. Add metrics, time frames, or additional data points as needed. When your retailer releases new metrics and data points, they will be available in SOLYS, so you can be first to leverage them in your reporting – way ahead of your competitors.

Scale to your needs

You can start with a low-cost, low-commitment SOLYS solution and grow it to fit your needs. Make your solution your solution, whether you have one user or a team of 50, one vendor, category or retailer, or an enterprise-wide retailer base.

Start with SOLYS POS analytics, add SOLYS PO analytics, and then expand your data sources to customize your reporting and grow your insights: purchase order/EDI, commission, retailer forecast, internal forecast, additional retailers, integrated enterprise platform, and more.

POS analytics

SOLYS POS Analytics is designed to create a synergistic, productive rep group enterprise. SOLYS demand analyltics deliver game-changing insights that enable the entire organization – both field and corporate levels – to increase sales, optimize inventory performance and grow category share.

SOLYS' comprehensive and adaptable data acquisition collects, cleanses and integrates demand data from any source, integrates multiple data points, speaks the language of any retailer and completely aligns with each retailer's metrics and requirements.

SOLYS' data analytics are designed for any vendor and adaptable to any retailer, offer a 360 degree view of the business, provide a consolidated source of chain and store level data, and act as a single streamlined reporting platform for sales, category management and supply chain.


SOLYS analytics pull together POS, bottom-up forecast, sales orders and retailer forecast data and convert it into sales-oriented dashboards and reports that can be used throughout your enterprise to optimize price points, anticipate SKU reductions, develop new item sell-in strategies and identify growth drivers that maximize opportunities and minimize losses for your vendors, and your retailer.

With SOLYS, each day, week and month presents you with a new opportunity to identify the perfect price point—the one that maximizes consumer purchases and profit margins for your retailer and rep group organization.

With SOLYS, you can optimize promotional pricing, minimize lost sales and out-of-stocks, and make the most of every promotional event with SOLYS. SOLYS’ analytics integrate internal data warehouses with cross-channel POS data for a complete picture of past, present and future promotional events.

New Product Launches
Launching a new product can be an expensive and risky venture for both manufacturers and retailers. SOLYS helps you understand — and convince your retailers you understand — which SKUs are underperforming and which new products you can offer to fill those gaps. SOLYS even helps you go one step further and demonstrate the incremental effect of that new SKU on the segment and brand.


Category Management
Supply Chain

Purchase order analytics

SOLYS PO Analytics acquires multiple sources of purchase order data from retailer systems, uses real time EDI processing, and incorporates a wide variety of powerful and intuitive analytics to manage your business. Changes that occur with all or individual POs can be managed quickly and effectively to increase staff efficiency in review and correcting orders, and pinpoint POs that adversely impact retailer DC allocation. SOLYS PO Analytics helps you manage diverse ordering process from a single platform.


Commission analytics

SOLYS Commission Analytics is a revolutionary approach to managing the lifeblood of your organization—by giving you a clear picture of commission revenues and expected margins on supplier accounts.  SOLYS Commission Analytics significantly improves overall operational, managerial and financial performance by eliminating redundancy and minimizing human error.

With the dynamic and fast-­moving decisions that are involved in controlling and measuring profitability, SOLYS REP positions you to effectively manage complex and time-consuming commission plans.


High-value services

Lumidata offers a portfolio of managed services options designed to meet the data management and reporting needs of the consumer goods retail sales team (CG Services), as well as the service delivery requirements of the manufacturer's representative (Rep Group Services).

Your SOLYS license includes ongoing training and support to maximize your ROI through ongoing professional development.

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