Target Automated Data Download (TADD) - CG


LumiData’s Target Automated Data Download (TADD) solution was released to enhance and extend the capabilities of LumiData’s POS data acquisition software tier, which is now available to all Target suppliers utilizing LumiData’s Managed Services data acquisition offering. 

TADD is LumiData’s proprietary solution for solving a broad range of supplier needs to acquire multiple segmented layers and various aggregations of POS data from Target. Thus, for Target suppliers, TADD overcomes the current issues of using Merch IQ and BPD by offering the following major product functions and features:

  • Automated Data Acquisition & Processing – user-independent, system-controlled retrieval and import
  • Scheduled Importing –– large data loads are flexibly scheduled to optimize SOLYS performance
  • E-mail Notifications – immediately alerts suppliers after new data has been loaded into SOLYS
  • Advanced POS Validation 
    • Discovers invalid data by identifying inconsistent week-over-week anomalies such as drastic drops in sales, inventory or store count
    • Provides alert e-mails to notify to users when Target’s POS data is inconsistent
    • Audits, reconciles and restates data when anomalies exist between BPD and MerchIQ data

This new enhanced capability delivers “first-in-class” POS downloading from Target that will allow Target suppliers to realize the following major operational benefits:

  • Increase staff productivity by removing the possibility of human error by fully automating downloads
  • Eliminate the need for user intervention and lengthy user tasks of pulling multiple levels of POS data
  • Rely on faster, timely, and more accurate and valid data from Target Merch IQ and BPD systems
  • Mitigate and eliminate the unreliability of Target data by matching and validating the loading of Merch IQ and BPD data
  • Easily expedite, reconcile, restate and restore prior-correct POS data with new Target-issued POS data.