Supply Chain

You Lose More than a Sale If Your SKU Isn’t on the Shelf

LumiData continually refines our SOLYS™ demand intelligence platform to function as a supply chain collaboration tool for you and your retailers. SOLYS’ rich POS analytics tools provide all the tools you need to reduce store-based and shelf-based out-of-stocks through sustained forecast accuracy, weekly inventory monitoring, root cause analysis and store level inventory alerts. 

A recent report on retail OOS reduction found that 47% of OOS arises from poor demand forecasting. According to the report: “Whenever a shopper shifts their buying pattern due to an OOS, it adjusts the demand history away from the sales history and no one can see the true demand history." If you’re experiencing consistent retailersstore out-of-stocks, begin your investigation at the forecasting level — SOLYS offers several Forecast tools to ensure accurate retailer orders and supplier shipments:

  • Forecast Builder imports retailer forecasts, builds vendor-specific forecasts and renables you to receive reports that give you a full picture of your inventory flow to help minimize stocking issues.
  • Forecast Accuracy allows you to compare retailer and your forecast data to actual sales to help determine which forecast was more accurate.
  • Forecast Plus Actuals lets you see past sales history and future forecasts to validate forecasts or identify issues with the retailer's forecast.
  • Forecast Exceptions helps you identify items/weeks where your forecasts differs from the retailer forecast by more than a configured percent.
  • Future Logistics Overview (FLO) shows you how past sales, forecassting, and ordering trends affect store sales and inventory levels to predict and address future OOS issues.


You may not even be aware that your shelf space is empty. You know that your forecasts are solid — so no problems with ordering and shipping. But sometimes OOS issues are not forecasting issues — they could be problems with in-store execution.

SOLYS™ Store Level Data triggers inventory alerts after weekly data is loaded. These exceptions flag non-forecasting issues that may be affecting on-shelf availability (OSA). SOLYS Store Inventory Alerts also help you quantify the OSA problem in terms of the number of issues or lost sales dollars. Here are just some of SOLYS alert screens and reports that can help you work  with your retailers on in-store execution problems: