Optimized Promotional Metrics

One of our long time SOLYS customers decided to optimize its company’s Target promotional activities by partnering in the latest opportunity offered by Target — Cartwheel by Target — a brand new savings program that offers customers more opportunities to get great deals. Sales promotions at Target are typically planned up to six months in advance, and one of the advantages of Cartwheel is that the promotions can be put in place within a short timeframe. In order to assess the real-time effectiveness of their Target promotional activity, this customer needed to assess the promotional activities using Cartwheel in their mix.

Because users can configure up to six different types of promotional activities within SOLYS, they can accurately monitor how different activities generate profitability relative to the cost of a promotion. The LumiData team helped adjust this customer’s promotional tracking platform to include Cartwheel as one of its top three promotional priorities. The customer is now able to run weekly reporting on the success of its Cartwheel promotions and can determine the optimal discount to provide in the offer to optimize sales and revenue as the busy Q4 Holiday shopping time of year approaches.