Declared Category Advisor

Increasingly, mass retailers have come to rely on the makers of products themselves to provide guidance on the merchandising questions of what, how much and where. These category managers engage with retailers to manage the selection and display of entire product categories. As part of that process, category managers also have a say in how much shelf space (if any) their competitors should receive. One of our SOLYS users had recently experienced a chain-wide drop in sales at Target due to the loss of a number of product facings and an overall reduction in their shelf space. To increase their presence in their category, they created the specific goal to achieve a coveted Target category management position in 2014. LumiData worked with our client to help execute on an end-cap promotion of a new product that featured a seasonal winter design during the 2013 Holiday season. Using the company’s SOLYS platform, the LumiData team built specialized reporting to monitor the sales of the new product against base category products throughout the promotional period. Reports showed that the promotional product did not cannibalize sales of other products in the category and, in fact, the promotion resulted in a significant incremental lift for Target. SOLYS promotional analytics helped our client prove to Target that they had the expertise and the analytics software to execute the promotion successfully, and they were awarded Category Advisor status in February 2014–just one month into the new year.