Store Level Analytics

Store Level Demand Intelligence

The level and scope of detail available for POS analysis is more important than ever. Store level data is essential not only to improving in-store execution, but with the right analytics, CG organizations can more closely align sales and promotional planning with buyer personas for individual stores or sets of stores.

SOLYS' store-level reporting and alerts not only ensure that you can effectively execute on your existing strategy, but its advanced analytics move you to the next level with the ability to generate unparalleled store-specific insights to significantly impact your organization’s future sales and marketing strategies.

  • Identify the external attributes that drive performance to more closely match to the needs of the customer by store
  • Tailor your planograms and store placement to match customer demand
  • Evaluate promotions, focusing resources in stores that deliver the strongest or weakest lift
  • Identify which distribution centers are contributing to current inventory problems with customized inventory goals and thresholds
  • Measure historical performance trends by distribution center and identify ongoing patterns with inventory or distribution problems

Redefining Performance: What Sells, Where, and Why?

The SOLYS Store Sets™ feature makes it easy to mine the hidden insights behind store-level data that your competitors just can’t get to. With SOLYS Store Sets™, you can quickly uncover correlations between store profiles and sales performance. Define individual stores beyond the retailer's store facts or traits, and segment them in ways that are meaningful to the way you define your business. Gain a deeper understanding of how your customers are buying based on characteristics such as ethnicity, community type, income and age demographics, then organize the shelf to address each persona in each store.

Explore Performance Variables with Cross-segmentation Analysis and Indexing

SOLYS enables you to easily segment store-level data into relatable clusters so you can gain a better understanding of performance variation. Segment items and stores, define the performance benchmarks and variables, and SOLYS' ad hoc reporting generator quickly compares performance between an unlimited combination of variables:

  • Store demographics
  • Ethnicity
  • Store format
  • Planogram ties
  • Volume classifications
  • Community type
  • Distribution center
  • Ad patch/region

SOLYS' unique indexing analysis provides a way to view performance of an individual store or related store clusters against the average. How well is an item or brand selling at an individual store each week, and how does that compare to the average sales for the item across the chain? Which stores are below average? Why?

View Performance in Perspective with Volume Adjusted Indexing

Using advanced algorithms, SOLYS brings added perspective to performance measurement. By level-setting the index, you get a true comparison of performance, enabling you to gauge item sales equally across all stores. Do your items actually perform better at the smaller stores than at the larger-volume megastores?

Improve Performance by Item, by Store with Exception Reporting

Breakdown in execution almost always happens at the store level. SOLYS enhances your collaboration efforts with your retailers to improve store planning, optimize assortment and enhance merchandising. Track item performance by individual store and identify store-by-store exceptions that may indicate atypical situations:

  • No sales
  • No inventory
  • Inventory with no sales
  • Price variations
  • Price sensitivity
  • Non-compliance
  • New item rollout