SOLYS Overview

The Challenge — Meeting Consumer Demand

To understand SOLYS, you first need to understand what is expected of consumer goods (CPG) organizations in order to meet the expectations of their retailers and, ultimately, the demands of their consumers.

CPG companies produce their own internal supply and order data, usually on extended monthly time frames. Retailers, on the other hand, generate POS demand data on a daily basis — and each retailer has its own “language.” In order to meet the weekly demands of retailers — who are always looking for new ways to better meet the needs of their consumers — CPG organizations must ferret through reams of internal and retailer-supplied data. Data that isn’t always available at the same time. Data that is written in a language unique to each retailer. They have to process and translate that data in order to analyze sales trends and make strategic decisions that help retailers satisfy their consumers. And then the c-level and retail teams must coordinate their sales, promotions, operations and supply chain initiatives to ensure that they’re providing the right product, at the right price, to the right store, at the right time and in the right amount.

But data collection can take hours — leaving little time to focus on what the information means. What that means to the consumer is that their changing needs and demands aren’t met in a timely manner — everything from inventory and shelf placement to promotions is affected when consumer goods companies and retailers can’t respond quickly.

The solution — quickly identifying and understanding consumer trends
LumiData’s SOLYS software solution integrates and processes internal warehouse and cross-channel POS data, then delivers that information to all members of the consumer goods team via dashboards and reports customized around their specific job roles and time frames. SOLYS is designed to work — and communicate — with any retailer organization and with a diverse array of data sources and formats. With the SOLYS solution, consumer goods organization can quickly identify issues and opportunities, share their insights with retailers, and effectively address evolving trends in consumer demand.

Just how does SOLYS do this?

  • Transforms hours into minutes. SOLYS quickly gathers, analyzes and organizes disparate internal and POS data into usable and understandable formats.
  • Translates a retailer’s language into one’s own. SOLYS makes it easy to understand retailer data by translating it into the language of the CPG organization, then translating the information back into the retailer’s language for presentation to the retailer.
  • Provides all members of the CPG organization with access to the data they specifically need. Consumer needs are examined from every angle, by many people. Decisions are then made in a synergistic, timely manner.
  • Provides the opportunity to ask ‘What if?’ This spurs innovative discussion and keen insights into consumer trends and clear indications of where needs are not being met.
  • User-friendly report generation. Customizable reports increase communication within the organization, as well as communication between the retailer and consumer goods organization, so that consumer-friendly decisions can be swiftly and effectively executed.