SOLYS™ REP POS Analytics

SOLYS REP POS Analytics delivers game-changing insights that enable the entire organization – both field and corporate levels – to increase sales, optimize inventory performance and grow category share. Standardized reports, dashboards and graphs pinpoint issues and opportunities so that each member of the team has the right information to achieve their unique business objectives. 

    • Acquire POS data from all retailer accounts – mass, drug, big box, member stores, home centers and food/grocery
    • Analyze retailer-specific information for better insights and quicker decision making
    • Integrate all data types into a unified database platform – sales, inventory, forecast, margin, and markdowns
    • Share timely weekly reports and additional selling recommendations to your buyers and supplier accounts
    • Uncover fact-based opportunities to drive new sources of sales
    • Gain approval from supplier accounts for implementing ROI-driven promotional programs
    • Leverage inventory alerts to optimize in-stock levels proactively and reactively
    • Deliver insights that drive higher category performance
    • Integrates seamlessly with SOLYS REP PO and SOLYS REP Commission Analytics for a complete business solution

Key Features and Capabilities
SOLYS REP POS Analytics enables seamless decision making and KPI-driven analysis:

Supply Chain Management
  • SKU management
  • Price optimization
  • Gross margin management
  • Markdown usage
  • Transition planning
  • Omnichannel modeling
  • Promotion management
  • Planogram testing
  • Adjacency testing
  • Floorpad/Division reinventions
  • Wellness trends
  • Demographics/Ethnicity trends
  • Space productivity
  • Seasonality
  • Rationality
  • Transition timing
  • Item fit/turn
  • Inventory management
  • Out of stock alerting
  • Phantom Inventory alerting
  • Collaborative forecasting
  • Store analysis
  • Contingency planning
  • Distribution Center Analysis

Manage Sales Performance 

SOLYS REP POS Analytics helps you increase sales, improve promotional effectiveness and minimize sell-thru losses:

    • Uncover new placement opportunities
    • Reduce or eliminate lost sales with built-in inventory alerts
    • Generate additional sales with fact-based order recommendations
    • Identify and resolve product allocation problems for your retailer
    • Maintain desired OH inventory and eliminate costly buy-back of retailer excess OH inventory