SOLYS™ REP PO Analytics


SOLYS REP PO Analytics acquires multiple sources of purchase order data from retailer systems, uses real time EDI processing and incorporates a wide variety of powerful and intuitive analytics to manage your business and trade cycle between supplier and retailer.  Changes that occur with all or individual POs can be managed quickly and effectively. Your gains in synergy and productivity decrease the costs of servicing a supplier account.

Key Features and Capabilities
SOLYS PO Analytics include the following major product features and enhancements:

    • Accepts sources of PO data from the retailer and/or the supplier
    • Automatically imports, refreshes and integrates POs into SOLYS
    • Enables dynamic management of PO changes
    • Includes a full suite of PO analysis and reporting features – standard, summary and ad-hoc reports
    • Integrates seamlessly with SOLYS REP POS Analytics and SOLYS REP Commission Analytics for a complete business solution

Manage Financial Performance
Improve profit margins and increase organizational productivity:

    • Increase staff efficiency in reviewing and correcting orders
    • Maintain and access one common database platform for POS data and PO data
    • Pinpoint PO orders that adversely impact retailer DC allocation
    • Manage diverse ordering processes from a single platform