SOLYS REP Commission Analytics is a revolutionary approach to managing the lifeblood of your organization—maximizing commission revenues and expected margins on supplier accounts. With the dynamic and fast-moving decisions that are involved in controlling and measuring profitability, SOLYS positions you to effectively manage complex and time-consuming commission plans.

SOLYS REP Commission Analytics drives productivity, timeliness and effectiveness throughout the organization:

    • Incorporates best-in-class commission analytics, with answers to handle complex plans and rates
    • Ensures quick and immediate adoption by all users
    • Secures commission information with user level access authorization
    • Integrates seamlessly with SOLYS REP PO Analytics and SOLYS REP POS Analytics for a complete business solution

 Key Features and Capabilities
When it comes to managing dynamic commission plans, the functional features and capabilities of SOLYS REP Commission Analytics allow you to:

    • Adjust commission rate plans with complete flexibility - overall Supplier/Class rates can be overridden for individual items
    • Set rate plans by date ranges to enable ultimate flexibility for all scenarios
    • Track account executive performance by tying rate plans to the individual executive
    • Monitor profitability and current performance – by vendor, item/SKU, season, store, and DC
    • Analyze profitability trends – winners, cash cows, and loss leaders

Manage Business Performance
SOLYS REP Commission Analytics significantly improves overall operational, managerial and financial performance:

    • Eliminate administrative redundancy and minimize error
    • Increase profitability by recommending higher rates with fact-based analysis
    • Quickly realize technology ROI, based on sales revenue, account teams, suppliers, headcount, etc.