Sales & Operations Planning

Making a Complicated Balancing Act Simpler

Every day presents a new challenge — is your CPG organization meeting consumer demand across all retailers and channels without holding on to costly excess inventory? Before demand data, CPG organizations had to primarily rely on internal supply and order data — you had to react to past trends in the hopes of getting it right in the future. With SOLYS, you have all the data you need — POS, sales orders, retailer forecasts and internal forecasts — to be strategically proactive. Historical and current POS data can be reviewed each day, week or month so you can tweak production and distribution plans when you need to.

Better yet, SOLYS enables every member of the supply and operations team — from retail teams and category managers, to supply chain and marketing c-level leaders — to share business and demand intelligence reports that ensure everyone is on the same page. Promotions that forecast a spike in production. Alerts about potential SKU reductions so you can cut back production. Misallocations of inventory that require new plans for distribution.

SOLYS enables you to:

  • Review and share retail data from all retailers at all levels.
  • Examine historical sales, order and promotions data to proactively adjust production, supply and shipping schedules.
  • Keep tabs on potential SKU deletions and alert operations team accordingly.
  • Improve forecast accuracy — and identify inaccurate future forecasts — by reviewing previous POS histories and comparing your forecast to that of your retailer.
  • Determine how seasonality affects sales and utilize that information to set advance seasonal sales and marketing strategies.
  • Review current supply, order and demand review.
  • Establish contingency forecasting plans and measure forecasting accuracy rate.
  • Review multi-channel performance and gross margin analysis.
  • Reduce inventory costs by reducing the inventory overage ratio.