Retailer Collaboration

Optimize Opportunities and Minimize Losses

It’s one thing to have solid growth-oriented sales, marketing, supply chain, promotional, and category management strategies in place. It’s quite another to convince your retailer to take the steps necessary to put those strategies into action.

Make a strong business case for your retailer by providing them with demand intelligence insights and the data behind those insights using SOLYS’ easy-to-understand reports.

SOLYS enables you and your retailer to:

  • Capitalize on retailer-based store personas and demographics to improve shelf space allocation, planograms, price points and promotions.  
  • Better understand seasonal and paycheck-cycle fluctuations and set advanced promotions and price points strategies.
  • Gain insight into shifting consumer purchasing patterns that help you optimize prices for promoted and non-promoted items.
  • Redefine promotions based upon the incremental promotional effect on the category, other segments within that category and non-promoted items.
  • Determine whether category shelf space allocations reflect current consumer price sensitivity.
  • Assess the incremental effects of private label or bulk products on sales of other items.
  • Keep tabs on potential SKU deletions and identify opportunities for new SKUs.
  • Identify strategic cross-category promotional ideas.
  • Build a convincing case for testing a new planogram. Then utilize SOLYS analytics to tweak and implement the new planogram.
  • Improve forecast accuracy — and identify inaccurate future forecasts — by reviewing previous POS histories and comparing your forecast to that of your retailer.
  • Minimize out-of-stocks and build orders and maximize inventory turnovers with improved product allocation, optimized safety stock levels and individual distribution center assessments.