Optimize Price Points

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to determining price points. With SOLYS, each day, week and month presents you with a new opportunity to identify the perfect price point — the one that maximizes consumer purchases and profit margins for your retailer and CPG organization.

SOLYS helps c-level and retail team members strategically identify optimal price points with diverse analytics that provide a comprehensive picture of the correlations between volume and price over a variety of time frames.

SOLYS enables you to:

  • Strategically assess how price affects new item launches and sell-in strategies, sales trends, gross margins, actual versus planned performance and item promotions.
  • Determine how seasonality affects price points and utilize that information to set advance seasonal pricing strategies.
  • Gain insight into shifting consumer purchasing patterns.
  • Determine at which point in the consumer decision tree price sensitivity comes into play.
  • Reassess brand loyalty relative to price sensitivity.
  • Assess consumer responsiveness to promotions.
  • Determine whether category shelf space allocations reflect current consumer price sensitivity.
  • Identify the benefits of the lift of promoted items at varying price points.