PO Analytics

The new SOLYS™ Extended PO Analytics feature includes purchase order (PO) data loading, integrated cross-metric uses of POS data, all combined with delivering newly enhanced analytics that offer extended PO management and reporting capabilities.


The new PO Analytics offers major product features and enhancements:

  • Accepts sources of PO provided data from either the retailer and/or the supplier
  • Automatic data loading of POs into the standard SOLYS™ database
  • PO placement, analysis and management at the store and DC levels
  • Dynamic, user-controlled PO change management capability
  • Full suite of PO analysis and reporting features – standard, summary and ad-hoc


With the announced availability of SOLYS™ Extended PO Analytics, users will now have the access and power to quickly address a variety of planning, managing and reporting needs and requirements on PO related operating issues.

SOLYS™ PO Analytics is specifically designed to manage the frequently occurring product flow challenges that routinely happen that can prove costly to both retailer and supplier. Now suppliers will be able to track, report, and control the current operational issues between POS consumption and PO placements, which can lead to suppliers being able to drive business and financial performance and improve operational and tactical performance.