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333 S. 7th Street

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Minneapolis, MN 55402

LumiData is in the business of improving business performance for consumers goods companies. As a specialist in demand intelligence software, we offer a comprehensive range of software, applications and services that bridge the gap between internal warehouse and POS cross-channel data and the sales and marketing decisions that drive sales, increase revenue, increase margins, enhance brand visibility and strengthen market positions.

SOLYS Software
LumiData’s SOLYS software solution integrates and processes internal warehouse data and cross-channel POS data from a variety of retailers. Comprehensive, scalable and designed with the end-user in mind, SOLYS delivers the integrated data via customized dashboard analytics and reports designed around the specific responsibilities of c-level and retail CPG team members. SOLYS enables our customers to identify and leverage opportunities indicated by the data, increase team productivity, synergize sales, marketing and supply chain strategies and effectively collaborate with retail partners.

2002    LumiData Inc. is founded by Bruce Erickson to develop software that assists consumer goods producers manage and utilize POS chain-level Target data.

2002    SOLYS released for standalone workstations.

2003    Roseville - St. Paul, Minnesota office opened in order to establish business operations focused on SOLYS sales and support activities.

2003    Server-based SOLYS is released.

2004    Ransom Stafford appointed President and CEO of LumiData.

2005    Offices relocated to downtown Minneapolis to accommodate business growth, increasing customer base and growth in number of employees.

2005    SOLYS introduced as multi-retailer POS platform.

2005    LumiData established as the de facto software supplier for Target’s health and beauty suppliers.

2007    LumiData enhances SOLYS functionality to incorporate store-level POS applications, as well as client-server POS delivery platform.

2008    SOLYS Enterprise and SOLYS Store released.