Enterprise Solution

Holistic CPG Solution for Holistic Business Peformance

Determining what products consumers want, how much they want, what they’re willing to pay and when (and why) they want something new isn’t easy. But it’s the core of exceptional CPG business performance. To perform at that level, your retail and c-level teams need to stop working in isolation and start working as a strategic, cohesive, collaborative whole. They need a holistic cross-channel demand intelligence solution — SOLYS.

Designed around the specific needs of each CPG team member, SOLYS is a holistic demand intelligence solution that:

  • Provides a consolidated source of cross-channel demand and internal data with customized analytics that deliver specific data to each team member based on their schedules and job roles.

— Grocery, mass, chain, drug, member, specialty and big box retailers
— Chain, Store, DC
— Daily, weekly, monthly
— POS, Order, Shipment, Category, Syndicated
— DSD, Text file, CSV, EDI
— InfoRetriever, Retail Link, Workbench

  • Offers turnkey dashboard reporting and drill-down analytics for retail sales teams.
  • Provides an all-channel enterprise version for c-level reporting across multiple retailers and drill-down analytics to help c-level members identify trends across brands, categories, departments and retailers.
  • Enables users to customize their dashboard to display only the information they need to see and then customize reports that can be easily shared throughout the enterprise and with the retailer.
  • Allows you to choose from a variety of scalable platforms — hosted application (SaaS), virtual (cloud) delivery, desktop application, database hosting, turnkey data importing
  • Enables your organization to benefit from the ideal business architecture — one that encourages c-level and retail sales, marketing, operations, category teams to work with one another, rather than in isolation.