Customized Reporting

A Customizable Communication Tool

You’ve made a brilliant discovery — one that’s sure to drive sales, perfect a promotion, launch a much-sought-after SKU, reduce out-of-stocks, or optimize inventories. But now you have to convince everyone else — other c-level or retail team members and your retailer. You have the data in hand — but will your audience see what you see?

With SOLYS they will. SOLYS produces a wide range of easy-to-understand charts, graphs, tables and reports. And they’re customizable, which means you can zero in on the data — and timeframes — specific to your cause.

SOLYS reports include:

  • SKU status reports that zero in on instock problems, potential inventory challenges, exceptions, rankings and seasonal progress.
  • C-level executive brand, categories, departments and retailers overviews; category scorecards; and item synopses.
  • Percentage, interval, cross table, price and launch comparison reports.
  • Event lifts by week, item and category.
  • Single- and multi-metric promotional and new item analysis.
  • Growth drivers, share trends, price/volume comparisons, potential sales, SKU efficiencies and shares/growth comparisons.
  • Instock trackers that focus on various configurations, forecasts, instock volumes, lost sales, sales/inventory histories and distribution centers.
  • Forecast builders, exceptions and projections.