Company Overview

Contending with the Demand for Demand Data

There’s no shortage of retailer demand data in the CPG industry. Or of internal supply and order data. The challenge is integrating that disparate data into intelligence that can be used to drive internal CPG strategies that optimize prices and promotions, minimize out-of-stocks and overstocks, synchronize supply chain, sales and marketing team initiatives, improve category management, successfully launch new SKUs and keep retailers happy. In short, c-level and retail team CPG members need to act as one — understanding what consumers want, how much of it they want and what price they are willing to pay.

And they need to do that over and over again — for each unique retailer.

Bridging Data and Decisions — on Demand

LumiData, a demand intelligence specialist for consumer goods companies, has developed SOLYS a CPG software solution that aggregates disparate sources of internal warehouse and POS cross-channel demand data and delivers it in easy-to-understand dashboard analytics custom-designed around each team members’ specific responsibilities and time frames. With SOLYS, every person within a CPG organization receives the right data at the right time. 

SOLYS allows users to create customized reports that both the consumer goods company and the retailer can understand — fostering communication between provider and buyer that benefits the consumer by meeting ever-changing consumer demand.

Sharing Beneficial Expertise to Grow Business

Our expert team — with a combined 50 years of experience in sales and marketing, retail merchandising, distribution and information technology — continually partners with organizations to understand how their business works, what they need from their varied data sources, and how best to communicate that information in easy to understand reports. This not only provides our customers with solutions designed specifically around their needs, it gives us insights into evolving trends in the consumer goods industry. We share our innovative experience and research in our Insight Series — concise presentations of industry best practices and trends — and offer succinct summaries of SOLYS illustrating tips and tricks that help customers glean more value from SOLYS.

We also contribute as a voice to the national consumer goods industry dialogue. LumiData is a project sponsor of AMR Research’s project to uncover and understand the best practices in leveraging enterprise data, master data, downstream demand data and enterprise architecture for improved performance in the consumer products industry. This opportunity will provide us — and our customers — with further insight as to how the industry will evolve demand data opportunities.