Data Extraction for CG Companies

Deploy a more timely and cost-effective alternative to using your salaried personnel to perform the extraction, download, cleansing, loading and ongoing maintenance of your POS database. Our Data Extraction Services ensure that your data is current, accurate and ready for use first thing Monday morning, and every other morning. Our team of expert data technicians takes care of this for you at a fraction of the cost of your salaried personnel. We manage the import of the retailer POS data, Orders and Forecast data and any other data the retailer may have available, like shipments, store attributes, weather data and more. Then, you and your team can focus on the insights, not the data, and contribute more broadly and more quickly to the business. 

LumiData Data Extraction Services can be added as a service to an existing contract or purchased for one-time use for special projects such as implementing an additional data level, updating a database or satisfying a specific retailer request.

Use our Calculator to see how much you could save using LumiData's Data Extraction Services.