Bespoke Reporting for CG Companies

You’ve made a brilliant discovery — one that’s sure to drive sales, perfect a promotion, launch a much-sought-after SKU, reduce out-of-stocks, or optimize inventories. But now you have to convince everyone else — other c-level or retail team members and your retailer. You have the data in hand — but will your audience see what you see?

With SOLYS they will. SOLYS includes a wide range of easy-to-understand charts, graphs, tables and reports,  which means you can zero in on the data — and timeframes — specific to your cause. SOLYS Bespoke Reporting takes that built-in intelligence and allows you to tailor your weekly reporting to a more highly customized level, creating focused, branded and relevant reports that stand out and get noticed. Now your critically important reports and information can be packaged into one single workbook and delivered exactly the way your audience needs to view it  automatically and ready to distribute at the click of a mouse.

SOLYS Bespoke Reports can include:

  • Status reports that zero in on instock problems, potential inventory challenges, exceptions, rankings and seasonal progress
  • C-level executive overviews by brand, category, department and retailer; category scorecards and item synopses
  • Percentage, interval, cross table, price and launch comparison reports
  • Event lifts by week, item and category
  • Single and multi-metric promotional and new item analysis
  • Growth drivers, share trends, price/volume comparisons, potential sales, SKU efficiencies and share/growth comparisons
  • Instock trackers that focus on various configurations, forecasts, instock volumes, lost sales, sales/inventory histories and distribution centers
  • Forecast builders, exceptions and projections