Consumer Trends

Higher Costs of Living Spur Private Label Purchases

Private label has been a serious contender for shelf space for several years. But when consumers are bombarded by smaller packages that have higher prices...

How Does Context Affect Consumer Purchase Decisions?

The “why” behind a visit to the store can make all the difference in the world when it comes to consumer purchasing decisions. If you’re at the store with a back-to-school list in hand you’ll certainly make different purchase decisions than when you’re just stopping in to pick up laundry detergent.

Surprising Trends in Millenial Preferences

The Millenials are full of surprises, according to the findings of a new survey by Concentric Marketing. For starters, Millienials prefer brick-and-mortar shopping for their regular purchases.

As Consumer Confidence Rises, So Does Spending on Big Ticket Items

Consumer confidence is at a six-year high, so you'd think spending at discount retailers would be showing a similar rise. Not so. Why?

Uneven Economic Recovery Affect Summer Retail Sales

While the housing market and stock market have been on a recent upswing, summer retail sales — particularly back-to-school sales figures — have not been, and are not predicted to be, stellar.

Digitizing the B&M Shopping Experience - A Source for New Data

As online retailers continue to try and enter the brick-and-mortar space (Amazon already has pick-up sites in the New York market), and brick-and-mortar retailers try to compete with online, consider this — most industry insiders feel retail is headed for a "hybrid" shopping experience, one that is digitized. What current trends can inspire your latest promotions and offer a differentiated experience?

Will a Cool Summer Spike Fall Sales Volume?

Weather can certainly play a role in sales volume — an adverse event, like a hurricane, can spur pre-storm sales but lead to a loss in sales days after the weather event. What about less abrupt weather trends? Like a cool summer?

Back-to-School Shopping Is Changing

We’re all aware of the economic factors affecting back-to-school shopping sales estimates this year. But the way people shop, who is shopping and a redefined back-to-school season may also play a role in the predicted decline of sales.

Should You Be Offering Coupons?

Rising gas prices, economic uncertainty and the back-to-school season... Is now a good time for your team to consider coupons? During the first six months of 2013, CPG companies offered 168 billion coupons.

How Much Information a Person Receives Greatly Influences Their Price Perceptions

The more information you can provide consumers, the better — as long as you're clearly communicating your message. There are some important lessons for CPG marketers from  a fascinating sales linguistic study, summarized in Harvard Business Review (HBR).

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