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Supply Chain Critical to Slow Back-to-School Season

Conservative. That’s the word best suited to this year’s back-to-school season. High gas prices, low median incomes and a cautious public have led most industry insiders to predict modest back-to-school sales this year.

The Good and Bad of Target’s Rapid Canadian Expansion

 Target’s expansion into the Canadian market can provide CPG organizations with a few lessons. During the last three months — Target has opened 48 stores in major Canadian markets since March 2013 — the retailer has experienced highs and lows as it enters this new northern market.

Omni-channel shopping spurs "back of the house" improvements

As brick-and-mortar stores adjust their footprints (in some cases smaller — like Target — or larger — like Lowes), they're also rethinking the "back of the house". In other words, their supply chain. As retailers integrate online and brick-and-mortar stores, the "back of the house" is becoming increasingly important in fulfilling online and in-store demands.

Retail Industry Supply Chain Is a Good Example for Healthcare Industry

In this omnichannel shopping climate, CPG companies and retailers have had to adapt their supply chain strategies in order to make them more agile — able to respond to brick-and-mortar, mobile and online shopping. This supply chain adaptability has garnered some notice in a recent research study from the University of Arkansas.

Three Biggest Concerns for Supply Chain Execs

Jennifer Overstreet, of the NRF, sat down with Larry Bergman, senior vice president of supply chain and operations for Boscov's to get his insights concerning the current challenges of the global supply chain. Following is a summary.

Recessionary Strains on Supply Chain

Since the outbreak of the recession, many retailers cut back on employees — and many haven't hired back employees despite incremental rises in sales figures. That can put a strain on the store's internal supply chain – and it can lead to empty shelves. 

Walmart Looks to Integrate Physical and Digital Opportunities

There's never a dull moment in the consumer goods industry — especially now as brick-and-mortar retailers take steps to improve their online presence, and online retailers (like Amazon) take steps to establish a more hands-on physical presence.

Are Lifestyle Trends Affecting Your Supply Chain?

A recent Logistics Viewpoints blog post caught our attention — it discusses current lifestyle trends that, according to the author, are affecting retail supply chain trends. The first? Consumerization of technologies — the "always connected" trend. 

Is your IT department failing itself?

IT departments are facing ever greater challenges — a seemingly endless supply of Big Data that ranges from POS to social media stats. But there are a few internal items the IT department should consider — initiatives that would not only make their jobs easier, but make their efforts apparent to the rest of the enterprise.

2013 Insights from Eight Top Retail CEOs

Eight CEOs of some of the biggest name retailers took the time to share their 2013 outlook at the NRF Big Show. Following are a few highlights from some of those interviews.

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