How Does Context Affect Consumer Purchase Decisions?

The “why” behind a visit to the store can make all the difference in the world when it comes to consumer purchasing decisions. If you’re at the store with a back-to-school list in hand you’ll certainly make different purchase decisions than when you’re just stopping in to pick up laundry detergent.

Digitizing the B&M Shopping Experience - A Source for New Data

As online retailers continue to try and enter the brick-and-mortar space (Amazon already has pick-up sites in the New York market), and brick-and-mortar retailers try to compete with online, consider this — most industry insiders feel retail is headed for a "hybrid" shopping experience, one that is digitized. What current trends can inspire your latest promotions and offer a differentiated experience?

Back-to-School Shopping Is Changing

We’re all aware of the economic factors affecting back-to-school shopping sales estimates this year. But the way people shop, who is shopping and a redefined back-to-school season may also play a role in the predicted decline of sales.

Should You Be Offering Coupons?

Rising gas prices, economic uncertainty and the back-to-school season... Is now a good time for your team to consider coupons? During the first six months of 2013, CPG companies offered 168 billion coupons.

Temporary Tax Breaks for Back-to-School Shoppers

This year, shoppers are expected to spend less on back-to-school shopping — and they'll most likely stick to the necessities, according to the NRF. In some states, shoppers will even receive a tax break on back-to-school supplies.

Is Mobile as Important as Everyone is Saying it is?

Chances are, in-store marketing teams have been directed to pay more attention to mobile  because of its purported influence on consumer behavior. However, a new article in AdAge questions the true impact of mobile and the statistics used to tout its influence.

Back-to-School Starting in June 2013

Just two weeks into summer and some retailers are already running back-to-school promotions. It is the latest in a series of extended seasonal promotions that begin earlier than ever. Perhaps these early promotions are due to the success retailers experienced during the holiday 2012 season with promotions that ran on Thanksgiving Day.

Are Your New Products Cannibalizing Your Sales?

In tight economic times, there's even greater pressure to demonstrate ROI on new product launches. The problem is — a lot of "innovative" product launches are, in fact, cannibalizing sales. Why? 

May Sales Data

The unseasonably cool weather this spring led to industry-wide discounts and promotions by retailers as they worked to clear their shelves of seasonal merchandise. Industry experts don't expect the higher rate of promotional activity to adversely affect margins because of retailers' new efforts to control costs. 

Amazon Eyes the Boomer Market

Amazon is no stranger to getting ahead of consumer trends, so it should come as no surprise that Amazon has reacted quickly to new consumer data that shows Boomers are bucking once-accepted assumptions about this market. 

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