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Digitizing the B&M Shopping Experience - A Source for New Data

As online retailers continue to try and enter the brick-and-mortar space (Amazon already has pick-up sites in the New York market), and brick-and-mortar retailers try to compete with online, consider this — most industry insiders feel retail is headed for a "hybrid" shopping experience, one that is digitized. What current trends can inspire your latest promotions and offer a differentiated experience?

May Sales Data

The unseasonably cool weather this spring led to industry-wide discounts and promotions by retailers as they worked to clear their shelves of seasonal merchandise. Industry experts don't expect the higher rate of promotional activity to adversely affect margins because of retailers' new efforts to control costs. 

Seasonality Suprises

Are there any seasonality surprises out there? Or has it all become ho-hum? You might be surprised. For instance, CPG retail teams are used to what is deemed "superhero summer" — product tie-ins to summer action movie blockbusters. But this year, Target is taking it a step further.

Is There Bias in Big Data?

In the CPG universe, Big Data is taking on ever greater importance - merging POS demand data with social media data and consumer insight data to gain greater insights into what consumers want and need. The question is, does Big Data - in particular social media related data - have a bias?

Is your IT department failing itself?

IT departments are facing ever greater challenges — a seemingly endless supply of Big Data that ranges from POS to social media stats. But there are a few internal items the IT department should consider — initiatives that would not only make their jobs easier, but make their efforts apparent to the rest of the enterprise.

What is the New Normal of Family Demographics?

Shifting racial demographics in the U.S. have garnered plenty of notice, but Pam Allison - marketing strategist - argues that the changing American household demographics are worthy of equal notice. She states, "Households are now much more varied with single-parent, multi-generational, non-family, and one-person households comprising a larger portion of the population." 

2013 Insights from Eight Top Retail CEOs

Eight CEOs of some of the biggest name retailers took the time to share their 2013 outlook at the NRF Big Show. Following are a few highlights from some of those interviews.

What We Can Learn from Nate Silver

Eric Lundquist of Information Week shared an interesting post about the lessons we can learn from Nate Silver. 

Global Paycheck Cycle

According to Wal-Mart, the paycheck cycle isn't unique to the U.S. In fact, they've found that paycheck spending is now a global phenomenon for their shoppers. Does your data indicate swells and lulls in sales based on pay periods? If so, what are you doing about it?

Powerhouse PG Companies Beat Expectations

The most recent quarterly reports are in and Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive and L'Oreal all outperformed analysts' expectations - in stark comparison to Procter & Gamble. 

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