Category Management

Are You Getting the Category Demand Data You Need?

With more demand data on hand, it should be easier to identify trends in consumer purchasing behaviors that drive category performance. Right? It is if you’re using SOLYS.

SOLYS sorts the wheat from the chaff. It quickly and continually integrates and processes cross-channel POS, category and syndicated data from various retailers and internal data warehouses. Then distills that data into category management-specific intelligence displayed in a variety of customizable dashboards and reports. Suddenly, those trends in consumer preferences become crystal clear to you. And once you can see those trends, you can begin digging deeper — identifying opportunities to increase incremental sales, improve category market share, build SKU rankings, optimize promotional and new-item launch events and better align your category management strategies with those of your retailer.
SOLYS enables you to:

  • Create customized item attributes to examine specific consumer preferences and run customized reports that illustrate how those preferences are changing over time.
  • Assess and track performance for each segment in a category over a variety of customized time frames.
  • Allocate shelf space for specific time frames or promotional events based on historical sales share-of-category trends.
  • Assess incremental promotional effect on the category, other segments within that category and non-promoted items.
  • Keep tabs on potential SKU deletions and identify opportunities for new SKUs.
  • Assess the incremental effects of private label or bulk products on other category items.
  • Build a convincing case for testing a new planogram. Then utilize SOLYS analytics to tweak and implement the new planogram.
  • Provide your retailer with strategic cross-category promotional ideas.
  • Optimize SKU offerings by identifying retailer-defined store persona characteristics relevant to your category.
  • Reallocate marketing mix spending based upon category management insights.
  • Examine product line profit and loss objectives relative to the category.