October 7, 2014

Today, LumiData announced a new strategic direction for offering and deploying SOLYS™, its flagship suite of business analytics software products.

Effective as of October 7, 2014, the standard SOLYS™ offering includes a combination of repositioned software analytic products, a larger database engine, POS data transfer technology and other service add-ins, which will be incorporated into a single SOLYS™ Bundled Analytics platform offering.

SOLYS™ Bundled Analytics will now include the following mix of products, services and client support programs as a single, analytics platform suite:

  • SOLYS-Target: Chain Level POS Analytics
  • SOLYS-Target: Store Level POS Analytics
  • SOLYS-Target: Analytics
  • Internet-based access, 24/7
  • LumiData-hosted software platform, with secure Virtual Remote Delivery (VRD) of database and application
  • MS/SQL 2008 R2 Database engine for more powerful and faster queries
  • Database management services, with data extraction, import, verification and e-mail notification by 8:00 am Monday
  • Seamless updates of new product enhancements
  • Unlimited product support from our knowledgeable help desk, accessible through website and toll-free number


Prior to the availability of SOLYS™ Bundled Analytics, LumiData sold and provided individual versions and major data-level options of SOLYS™ as separate and distinct standalone offerings. Now, with an integrated solution, LumiData can deliver a much broader set of products and solutions to customers at a more cost-effective pricing level than previously available.

The following expanded capabilities will enhance our customers’ ability to:

Maximize Business Performance and ROI:

  • Analyze and report at both chain and store level, with one affordable solution
  • Deliver more game-changing insights to your buyers and increase sales volumes at the store-level
  • Track inventory issues and item performance, store-by-store
  • Receive advanced team training on applying and using store-level analytics

 Improve the User Experience:

  • Use SOLYS anywhere you have Internet connectivity
  • Access one master database, track and share item logs, reporting comments and customer attributing with everyone on your team.
  • Eliminate weekly data loading— With SOLYS, POS data uploads and weekly updates are fully automated with our SOLYS Managed Services division.
  • Receive optimized customer support — our support staff can access, support and maintain your SOLYS production environment remotely, without interrupting your workflow. Automatic software upgrades, patch installation and lifecycle maintenance provide a seamless user experience.
  • Know your data is secure and easily recoverable, despite user errors or failure with your systems. Our disaster recovery methodology ensures that if there’s any problem with your database, we’ll take care of it.

Achieve Corporate Scalability:

  • Enterprise: The MS-SQL/VRD Hosting platform plays to the broader corporate needs of our clients with the ability to deploy SOLYS™ for multiple retail sales teams. This will allow customers to consolidate a multitude of databases from their individual retail teams and provide a larger, cleansed and corporate-level demand database to corporate executives in sales, category management and supply chain.
  • Economies-of-Scale: the cost of deploying SOLYS™ Bundled Analytics in additional retail teams and corporate user-teams decreases with each new SOLYS™ Bundled Analytics installation.
  • Security: Password protection and database access controls ensure that users see only the data they are allowed to view.
  • Savings: IT departments only need to ensure Internet connectivity — there are no additional IT staffing requirements or associated costs for maintaining the server environment.

For more information contact our Help Desk, or send an email to

Help Desk - Minneapolis, MN: (612) 284-8428

Help Desk - Bentonville, AR: (479) 239-5020

Help Desk – National Toll-Free: 1 (855) 464-9955


  • SOLYS™ Bundled Analytics Suite is available immediately
  • Sale of separate SOLYS™ products and services will discontinue as of December 31, 2014.

To download the complete product announcement, click here.


LumiData is a demand intelligence specialist providing retail business and demand information that assists Fortune 1000 consumer goods companies to increase revenue, increase margins, enhance brand visibility and strengthen market positions. LumiData’s SOLYS™ demand intelligence solution integrates processes and funnels supply, order and cross-channel POS demand data into customizable dashboard analytics unique to each user in the CPG organization. LumiData is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has an office in Bentonville, Arkansas.