On May 1, 2015, LumiData announced the availability of Rep Group PO Analytics to SOLYS™, its flagship software suite of business analytics software products. This product announcement makes it immediately available to current and future LumiData customers.

The announcement makes LumiData the exclusive industry leader in providing an integrated, one-stop business software solution for the sales brokerage/rep group market. LumiData delivers best in class purchase order (PO) management and commission reporting functionality for back office business processing, while providing an integrated platform for managing sales, supply chain and category management functions on the retailer-supplier point-of-sale (POS )side of the business.  SOLYS™ provides the backbone platform to allow all users to access, analyze, control, and manage the fulfillment of all the key PO business processing and POS sales-side reporting functions vital to the strategic success and scalable profitability of the organization.     


Effective as of May 1, 2015, with SOLYS™ Rep Group PO Analytics, you will get a completely integrated, full-function, turnkey, one-stop solution, which will include the following major technology functions and software features:

  • PO Management – Ability to dynamically and flexibly monitor, modify and accept changes to POs
  • PO Creation – Manually create on-the-fly POs for orders that are not provided by the retailer
  • PO Reporting – Generate a variety of ad-hoc, standard and managerial summary reports on all POs
  • Integrated Cross-Metric Data Analytics in SOLYS:
    • Future Logistics Opportunities (FLO) Report – Horizontally Integrates Sales, Inventory, Forecast and PO Data for single-view to provide more effective decision making
    • Ladder Report – Vertically Integrates Sales, Inventory, Forecast and PO Data for better managerial control
    • PO Metrics Available in Basic and Multi-Metric ad-hoc reports for managing changes quickly
    • Commission Metrics Available in Basic and Multi-Metric reports to monitor accurate revenue flows
  • EDI Processing – capture, process, and maintain POs from all retailer EDI-protocol and delivery formats – domestic and international


With the announced availability of SOLYS™ Rep Group PO Analytics, customers will now have the access and power to quickly meet a variety of planning, controlling, managing and reporting needs and requirements on PO related operational and tactical business issues.

SOLYS™ Rep Group PO Analytics is specifically designed to manage the frequently occurring PO changes and challenges that routinely happen that create excess administrative time and clerical drudgery – which can all too often – prove potentially costly to both retailer and rep group. Now rep groups will be able to dynamically and quickly track, report, and control the current operational issues between POS consumption and PO placement.


LumiData is a demand intelligence specialist providing retail business and demand information that assists Fortune 1000 consumer goods companies to increase revenue, increase margins, enhance brand visibility and strengthen market positions. LumiData’s SOLYS™ demand intelligence solution integrates processes and funnels supply, order and cross-channel POS demand data into customizable dashboard analytics unique to each user in the CPG organization. LumiData is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has an office in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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