LumiData Hosting 4Q Thrive@Target Seminar on November 11

LumiData is continuing its 2015 Thrive@Target Seminar Series with a November 11 seminar that will focus on managing execution at the store level by leveraging SOLYS™ Store Alerts functions. Target Item/Location Data now makes store-level analysis more important than ever. Store-level data is essential to planning and improving in-store execution.  With the right analytics, Target suppliers can more effectively align inventory, sales and promotional planning with individual store profiles.

Breakdowns in execution most often happen at the store level. LumiData's Target specialists will demonstrate how to monitor item performance by individual store and act on store-by-store exceptions like no sales, phantom inventory, no inventory, unproductive inventory and price sensitivity."

SOLYS' store-level alerts and reporting functions ensure that you can effectively execute on your existing Target strategy," says LumiData CEO Ransom Stafford. "But beyond that, advanced SOLYS analytics move CPG companies' sales and marketing strategies to a new level, giving them the ability to generate unparalleled store-specific insights that significantly impact their future sales and marketing-mix strategies.
The November 11,2015 Thrive@Target Store Alerts Seminar will be held at the 333 Building Conference Center in downtown Minneapolis from 8:45 - 10:30 am. To register, go to