BI Strategy

Deliver Data More Efficiently

Time is precious — and SOLYS can help you make the most of it.  C-level and retail team members need to exploit the use of supply, order and POS data, but each person needs to see different data at different times. Retail teams need to react to daily and weekly changes in consumer preferences and trends. C-level team members have a longer-term focus — they need to create monthly supply and operations forecasts that drive competitive positioning.

So how do you position your business intelligence platform to increase the organizational synergy and productivity across the enterprise? Choose SOLYS.

SOLYS integrates all the necessary supply, order and cross-channel POS data, then funnels that data into customizable dashboard analytics specific to each team member’s responsibilities. That means each and every c-level and retail team member has the specific data they need whenever they need it. And you don’t have to parse that out because SOLYS does it for you.

We also offer demand data support services to ensure your organization realizes a fast return on your investment. LumiData offers a wide range of services — supporting you as you install and implement SOLYS, training your teams to get up to speed quickly and effectively and helping individual functional team members optimize their use of SOLYS in applying newfound knowledge to their business.

SOLYS client service representatives help you set up your initial database and will update your team on new software versions. We provide expert technical and account support in a variety of ways:

  • Telephone help desk: 612.767.2885, X207 or 888.767.2885, X207 (toll-free)
  • Web-based support services
  • Start-up and ongoing product training 
  • Best-in-class BI consulting in data analytics
  • Maintenance and support of hosted application delivery 
  • Technical support plans