NEW! TARGET Automated Data Downloads

LumiData is pleased to introduce the first-in-class SOLYS™ automated Target POS data loading capability for users who work within LumiData’s hosted environment and utilize our Managed Services. Target Automated Data Download (TADD) enhances and extends the capabilities of LumiData’s POS data acquisition software tier, which is now available as an integrated Managed Services offering.  

TADD overcomes Target suppliers' current issues of using Merch IQ and BPD by offering the major product functions and features:

  • Automated POS Downloads – meaning user-independence, error free, system-controlled processing
  • Scheduled Downloads –– large data downloads are flexibly scheduled to streamline and increase your team’s reporting performance
  • Advanced POS Validation – offers built-in intelligence to avoid latency and correct mistakes,

Learn more about TADD benefits and how to deploy the service.