Demand-driven Supply Chain Management

In a recent blog post, McKinsey & Company pinpointed seven technology-driven trends that are transforming the role of CIOs in the CPG industry to strategic enabler and differentiator.  One of these trends is “demand-driven supply chain management” to minimize inventory levels, improve service and reduce out-of-stocks. Having access to customer demand data gives the CPG company the ability to analyze and apply insights to their operations and share data with customers and distributors.  But McKinsey cautions that maintaining demand data analytics systems links with numerous retailer platforms could become highly complex and costly for CPG companies to manage. A demand intelligence system like LumiData’s SOLYS™ solves this problem. SOLYS can be configured to collect and analyze data from many different retailers, no matter the channel – helping all CIOs become Analytics Champions in their organizations. Read McKinsey & Company’s full insight here.