Increase Team Productivity and Sales Volume

Each of your retail teams speaks in the specific business vernacular of its retail partner. And chances are, each team is using a different demand intelligence tool — which makes it difficult to compare retail performance across the enterprise. How do you make sense of it all, in time to drive performance? With SOLYS.

SOLYS consolidates and quickly transforms raw internal and POS data into easy-to-understand reports that can be shared across your enterprise. Now your downstream and upstream teams have the specific information they need to make decisions, and communicate with their retailers. 

SOLYS enables you to quickly exploit comprehensive attributing features: 

  • Customize item or store attributes, define hierarchies and create unique group segmentations.
  • Attribute items to correspond with common internal metrics.
  • Define groupings specific to unique KPIs of sales, forecasting, supply chain and category management


SOLYS enables you to easily gather and consolidate various data sources:

  • Upload a variety of internal and cross-channel retailer databases from a variety of formats, such as Excel, CSV, EDI or retailer portal.
  • Import any level of data — chain, store or daily.
  • Integrate disparate data sources — POS, syndicated, order, shipment, forecast, and DSD.
  • Assign user restrictions based on authorization levels.